Free Trade and Other Fundamental Doctrines of the Manchester School

Edited by: Hirst, Francis W.
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London: Harper and Brothers
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Collected essays and speeches by various writers, including Richard Cobden and John Bright, 1820-1896
Table of Contents
About the Book and Author
PART I England, Ireland, and America
I.I England (Cobden essay, 1845)
I.II Ireland (Cobden essay, 1845, continued)
I.III America (Cobden essay, 1845, continued)
PART II The Corn Laws and Free Trade
II.I The Petition of the Merchants (1820)
II.II Joseph Hume's Speech on the Corn Laws, May 17, 1833
II.III The Manchester Petition Against the Corn Laws (1838)
II.IV Repeal of the Corn Laws (Cobden speech, 1843)
II.V Repeal of the Corn Laws (Fox speech, 1843)
II.VI The Corn Laws and Compromise (Fox speech, 1844)
II.VII The Impending Scarcity (Fox speech, 1845)
II.VIII The Repeal of the Corn Laws (Bright speech, 1845)
II.IX The League and Sir Robert Peel (Cobden speech, 1846)
II.X After Repeal—The League Dissolves (Cobden speech, 1852)
II.XI Free Trade and Reduction of Armaments (Cobden speech, 1847)
II.XII The Taxes on Knowledge (Gibson speech, 1852)
PART III Wars and Armaments
III.I Armaments, Retrenchment, and Financial Reform (Cobden speech, 1849)
III.II An International Reduction of Navies (Cobden speech, 1851)
III.III On the Crimean War and the Patriotism of Its Opponents (letter from Bright to Watkin, 1854)
III.IV The French Treaty and Armaments (Cobden speech, 1861)
III.V The Civil War in America (Bright speech, 1863)
III.VI The Civil War in America (Cobden speech, 1862)
PART IV Colonial and Fiscal Policy
IV.I The Relation of Foreign and Colonial Policy to Fiscal Reform (letter from Cobden to Gladstone, 1848)
IV.II Colonial Expenditure and Government in 1848 (Molesworth speech, 1848)
IV.III The Prussian Zollverein in 1840 (Cobden letter, 1840)
IV.IV On the Proposed British Zollverein or Commercial Union with the Colonies (Farrer essay, 1896)
PART V Social Reform
V.I Cobden on Education (Cobden speech, 1851)
V.II The End and Aim of Politics (Fox speech, 1853)
V.III The Malt Tax, Temperance, and Retrenchment (Cobden speech, 1864)
V.IV Wages and Cheap Food (Bright letter, 1884)
V.V To Farm Labourers on Agricultural Policy (Bright letter, 1884)
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