Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, Vol. II. The Process of Circulation of Capital

Karl Marx
Marx, Karl
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Friedrich Engels, ed. Ernest Untermann, trans.
First Pub. Date
Chicago: Charles H. Kerr and Co.
Pub. Date
Das Kapital, based on the 2nd edition.
Table of Contents
About the Book and Author
Preface, by Friedrich Engels
Translators Note, by Ernest Untermann
PART I The Metamorphoses of Capital and Their Cycles.
I The Circulation of Money-capital.
II The Rotation of Productive Capital.
IV The Three Diagrams of the Process of Circulation.
V The Time of Circulation.
VI The Expenses of Circulation.
PART II The Turn-Over of Capital.
VII The Period and Number of Turn-overs.
VIII Fixed Capital and Circulating Capital.
IX The Total Turn-Over of Advanced Capital, Cycles of Turn-Over.
X Theories of Fixed and Circulating Capital. The Physiocrats and Adam Smith.
XI Theories of Fixed and Circulating Capital. Ricardo.
XII The Working Period.
XIII The Time of Production
XIV The Time of Circulation.
XV Influence of the Time of Circulation on the Magnitude of an Advance of Capital.
XVI The Turn-over of the Variable Capital.
XVII The Circulation of Surplus-value.
PART III The Reproduction and Circulation of the Aggregate Social Capital.
XVIII Introduction.
XIX Former Discussions of the Subject.
XX Simple Reproduction.
XXI Accumulation and Reproduction on an Enlarged Scale.
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