Keith Hennessey writes,

You cannot spend $634 B on health IT, preventive care, and outcome measurement. You’ll run out of things on which to spend it.

Actually, you can spend that much–the recipients of the money will see to that. The point is that you cannot spend it productively. Read the whole post. And follow the link to the “Diagnosis” blog, which includes this post by James Capretta.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has already stated, unequivocally, that the Obama proposals currently on the table–more health IT, more comparative-effectiveness research, more preventative care–will do virtually nothing to slow the pace of rising costs, even after the “investments” are given plenty of time to kick in.

Read the whole thing.

The Obama Administration’s health care policy is a swindle. The Administration’s claim is that in order to control the rising cost of government health care programs, the government must spend more money.

In Massachusetts, the swindle already has become clear. Health care spending there has continued to rise, and now they are talking about various forms of rationing and price controls.