Reihan Salam thinks that Book 2 falls in that general category.

In Unchecked and Unbalanced, Arnold Kling offers a trenchant libertarian critique of the policies that led to the financial crisis. His basic take is that as our society has grown more complex, knowledge has decentralized while political and economic power has centralized. The end result, to oversimplify, is that we’re all at the mercy of a small group of very smart women and men who will never be smart enough to know all at all times…

Kling proposes a series of far-reaching reforms designed to decentralize decision-making…Unconstrained by political realism, Kling has provided tremendous food for thought

Emphasis added. In some ways, Book 2 is derivative of Snow Crash. It does not feel very realistic right now. Given the way things worked out in the twentieth century, and given today’s headlines, it seems as though ever-greater concentration of government power is inevitable. But perhaps what seems inevitable in fact will reach a turning point.