Charles Hayes, author of Proving You’re Qualified, has graciously responded to my criticism of his book in three separate emails. 

Email #1:

Prof. Caplan,

Thanks, but I think you oversimplify a bit. I just retired from the oilfield after 35 years as a supervisor without a college degree. Understanding the psychology of credentialism is half the battle so that one is not cowed by credentialed incompetents. Start your own business and staff it with competent people, period.


Email #2:

Here is a recent 99cent addition to the subject.


Email #3:

Thanks again. Sure you can post my reply. I would add that if I recall correctly my intention in having people use additional copies of my book or Randall’s was to bring up the subject of credentialism to the credentialed. There are lots of people with paper who think by nature of having that paper they are divinely qualified competent or not. They have internalized the ethos of credentialism and it doesn’t occur to them that competence should matter more than pretention, or that lots of people without a degree can do what they do, only better. I recommend Jeff Schmidt’s Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul Battering System that Shapes Their Lives.