There’s a very interesting discussion on the Libertarian Homeschooler Facebook page about living on one income. My contribution, reproduced verbatim:

1. Recognize that your time is *very* valuable. It might actually be better to pick up a few dollars freelancing or doing odd jobs instead of doing some money-saving stuff.

1a. For a homeschooling family, the “grow and can a lot of your own stuff” is probably a very important part of the schooling process–but recognize that it might not necessarily be cheaper.

2. If you live near a college or university, you have practically unlimited $0 or nearly-$0 education and entertainment options. My guess is you can find a $0 or very cheap lecture, concert, performance, or exhibit almost every day of the week. Season tickets to Samford University football games are cheaper than a single ticket to an Alabama or Auburn game, baseball and softball games are cheap, kids under 12 are $0 for everything, and I think some sports are $0 for everyone.

3. Restaurants with “Kids Eat Free” Nights. You Da Real MVP. Monday nights at Texas Roadhouse, though they recently turned “kids eat free” to “kids eat for $0.99.” THANKS, OBAMA.

4. If you’re fortunate enough to actually have a few dollars, honor those who have helped you get where you are with open-handed generosity.

5. Sign up for my $0 two-week course on personal finance sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies.

Disclosure: I’m being paid for the IHS course, but not for blogging about it.