My friend Matt Kibbe is doing some frequent video-comments for Conservative Review, where he brings a strong libertarian perspective.

Here’s his last video, on Venezuela, “socialist hellhole”

The video is simple and clear. It may not please those who are looking for a compact history of socialism, but history of political thought is not what Matt is up to. Matt is trying to engage in a dialogue those Millenials who apparently embrace socialism but perhaps don’t know much about it.

This is a very important constituency, most likely to be captivated by a catchy video of the kind Matt has been consistently producing, I think very successfully, for a little while now.

PS: Recently former Uruguayan “Pepe” Mujica said that Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro is “crazy as a goat.” On how Venezuela’s “socialist dream turned into a nightmare”, see this excellent piece by Francisco Toro for Vox.