October 2020 ISSUE

More or Less Economic Planning? Enduring Arguments from Sweden

By Benny Carlson

Crisis spurs demands for government action. Crisis is today fueled by waves of migration, structural change from technology and globalization, concern over climate change, and repercussions from the Great Recession. These changes spur moves towards nationalism and p...

The Sky Is Falling (Again): Two Cheers for Decadence, and a Third for a Return to Capitalism!

By Nikolai Wenzel

A Book Review of The Decadent Society (How We Became the Victims of our Own Success), by Ross Douthat.1 New York Times columnist Ross Douthat brings us a breathless and demoralizing story of the decline of Western civilization. The book raises a few meaty...

Liberalism and Its Enemies: Pluckrose and Lindsay

By Arnold Kling

Postmodern Theory and liberalism do not merely exist in tension: they are almost directly at odds with one another. Liberalism sees knowledge as something we can learn about reality, more or less objectively; Theory sees knowledge as completely created by humans...

How the Collapse of Communism Has Undermined Faith in American Capitalism

By Richard B. McKenzie

At their presidential campaign stops, U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren charged that American capitalism has, since the early 1970s, been "rigged" and "corrupted" by the rich and powerful for self-aggrandizement, to the detriment of middle- and lower-inc...
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