This bibliographical essay is David Hart’s introduction to A Tadpole Constitution. Part I. How Confederacy Could Turn into a Federal Superstate, by Anthony de Jasay.

In this article, the first of two on this topic, Jasay offers a critique of the school of “constitutional economics”, represented by Gordon Tullock and James Buchanan, who argue that the careful writing of a constitution by economically-informed statesmen could avoid the evolution of a limited state into a modern welfare super-state. Taking the example of the soon to be approved 360 page new European Constitution, Jasay argues that the supporters of a stronger centralised European state (“the federalists”) may appear to have suffered a setback at the hands of the “confederates” with the omission of any central taxing power. But Jasay will argue that the European Union, while not yet a fully grown, centralised, federal super-state (a “frog”) looks more and more like a “tadpole”.


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