Here’s a link to the second installment of my OLLI talk on the wonder of economic growth. I gave it on Wednesday, March 25 and John Crompton has done a beautiful job of filming it and putting it together. He went above and beyond, finding pictures of William Nordhaus, Thomas Carlyle, and others.

Some highlights (times are approximate):

0:30: Hans Rosling’s 200 countries over 200 years in 4 minutes.

5:30: The weird way actuaries measure life expectancy.

(One little thing left out by the videographer because I walked too close to the camera: why the 1918-1919 flu was called the Spanish flu. It was because Spain was not at war and so its government did not censor. President Wilson had tried to cover it up.)

7:00: Julian Simon and Ted Baxter on population.

9:20: The check. “Honey, you lost the bet; send him the damn check and if you don’t, I will.”

10:30: How he gets it right and then blows it.

14:00: Andrew Yang’s UBI.

15:00: Homeless and housing.

16:30: Who gains from technology?

18:00: Yaron Brook on who gains from the iPhone.

18:40: Major decline in Hispanic and black poverty during the Trump years.

22:50: Pollution. Environmental quality is a normal good. The EPA did some good things.

25:00: The truth about Love Canal.

26:30: The New History of Capitalism and slavery.

28:30: The referee process for academic journals.

30:00: Greed and Milton Friedman.

32:50: Phil Donahue lets him talk.

34:10: Income inequality.

36:20: Income mobility.

37:10: Raj Chetty’s bait and switch.

39:40: My 4-minute video on good and bad inequality.

44:40: How much will global warming hurt the economy?

45:45: A little math.

49:40: Water: allow desal.

51:00: The crucial number: the elasticity of demand for housing.

52:00: How to deal with overcrowding of cities.

53:45: The role of entertainers and athletes in the economy.

55:20: Steph Curry.

55:40: How Draymond Green reminds me of Donald Trump.

56:20: Economics as a dismal science.

Note: The picture at the top is of the check that Anne Ehrlich wrote to pay Julian Simon for winning the bet against her husband.