Tim Kane has launched a new blog, and it looks promising. Kane’s the primary author of the 2007 Index of Economic Freedom (which finds its way into Greenspan’s new book), a Garett Jones co-author, and a comic book fan to boot. His most quotable post so far:

That post-milennial gloom is in the air. My theory is that people feel the future happening all around them and it’s dizzying. We still remember the ways things were in the gentler era (you remember: the good old days when all you had to worry about was nuclear holocaust happening any milisecond?). But the 70s and 80s were a radically different, and quieter, time. Everyone wasn’t hyperconnected. You could only watch movies at the theater (remember the lines in 1977?) or on ABC’s Sunday Night Special.

We’re living in the future. Fair enough, but what has the culture been telling us the future would be? Seems to me, the culture has been pretty clear. “Welcome to Dystopia!”

Check it out.