This past weekend, my wife and I attended a sing-along. About fifty of us Baby Boomers, along with a few children and grandchildren, gathered with some guitars, banjos, and other instruments to sing the classic tunes of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, John Denver, and other icons. I started to realize that the only thing wrong with these songs is the antiquated collectivist lyrics.

I think we could use a few updated folk songs. Some of the new titles I came up with are:

Hard Taxpayin’
Take Me Home, Private Roads
I ain’t a Warmin’ Anymore

Then, I read in yesterday’s Washington Post:

Harvard Law School has a plan to encourage more students to enter public service. The school announced yesterday that it will pay the third year of tuition for students who pledge to work in government or at nonprofit organizations.

Just what we need them to do–encourage more Spitzers.

But this story really hit home. My oldest daughters, like many college students these days, graduated wanting to work only for nonprofits. As a result, this song came to mind, with updated lyrics:

You don’t have to support me, I’m workin’ for a profit

So, in addition to writing parables and encouraging civil disobedience, there is yet another way to spread the libertarian message.