Effortful Engagement with Ideas

We feel pretty confident that a lot of you are big readers. I mean, you're here, right??? So this week's episode ought to resonate with you. Host Russ Roberts treats us to a fascinating conversation with software engineer Andy Matuschak, who played an integral role in the early days of Khan Academy. And Matuschak says, well, books don't work. What kind of books do you read? Why do you read fiction? Non-fiction? And how much do you really remember of...
EconTalk (Extras) By Amy Willis
Tell Me a Story

Did you learn your US history the same way your parents did? Will your children read the same kind of textbooks? What stories will their books include, and perhaps more importantly, what will they leave out? In this week's episode, historian Jill Lepore joins EconTalk...

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