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Richard Reinsch on the Enlightenment, Tradition, and Populism

Richard Reinsch, editor of Law and Liberty and the host of the podcast Liberty Law Talk, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the Enlightenment. Topics discussed include the search for meaning, the stability of liberalism, the rise of populism, and Solzhenitsyn's indictment of Western values from his Harvard Commencement Address of 1978.
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Jonah Goldberg on The Suicide of the West

Jonah Goldberg of National Review talks about his latest book, Suicide of the West, with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Goldberg argues that both capitalism and democracy are at risk in the current contentious political environment. He argues that we take for granted what he calls...

Breastfeeding and Incentives

I suspect that most Republicans must have immediately “known” that the breastfeeding story was “fake news,” and that most Democrats were immediately sure it was true. Late last week, the press reported the horrible story of border cops snatching a baby being breastfed by her illegal-immigrant mother. The story...

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Does Liberalism Destroy Liberty?

Liberal individualism demands the dismantling of culture; and as culture fades, Leviathan waxes and responsible liberty recedes. —Patrick J. Deneen, Why Liberalism Failed1 (page 88) Patrick Deneen has written a deeply pessimistic book. In short, his thesis is: 1. Liberalism is the philosophy which we...

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Out-foxed and conned?

President Trump is taking credit for a new Foxconn LCD panel manufacturing plant, which is now under construction in southwestern Wisconsin. It's actually not clear why he is claiming credit, but in any case it might be better if he distanced himself from this project. While Foxconn has suggested that the project might...

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Moises Velasquez-Manoff on Cows, Carbon Farming, a...

Journalist and author Moises Velasquez-Manoff talks about the role of dirt in fighting climate change with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Velasquez-Manoff explains how changes in farming can allow dirt and plants to absorb carbon and potentially reduce climate change. At the end of the conversation he discusses the state ...


A Conversation with Ronald H. Coase

Nobel laureate Ronald H. Coase (1910-2013) was recorded in 2001 in an extended video now available to the public. Coase's articles, "The Problem of Social Cost" and "The Nature of the Firm" are among the most important and most often cited works in the whole of economic literature. Coase recounts how he tried to encour...

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Great Depression

  A worldwide depression struck countries with market economies at the end of the 1920s. Although the Great Depression was relatively mild in some countries, it was severe in others, particularly in the United States, where, at its nadir in 1933, 25 percent of all workers and 37 percent of all nonfarm workers wer...

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How to Believe in Free Speech

Almost all libertarians earnestly say, "I believe in free speech."  Normally, though, this goes way beyond the right to speak freely.  Most libertarians also believe that free speech "works" in some sense - that given a free exchange of ideas, the truth will at least ultimately prevail. On reflection, this is an a...

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Imperialism: A Study

This study of modern Imperialism is designed to give more precision to a term which is on everybody's lips and which is used to denote the most powerful movement in the current politics of the Western world. Though Imperialism has been adopted as a more or less conscious policy by several European States and threatens ...

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Again on the new Italian government

On Sunday, the new Italian government refused to let a rescue boat with more than 600 migrants dock in an Italian port. The same ship eventually docked in a Spanish port. As the Italians have long thought they have been left alone by European partners in "managing" (attempting to) waves of refugees coming from North Af...

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Ten Key Ideas: Opening the Door to the Economic Way of Thinking

By Russell Roberts Ten Key Ideas: Opening the Door to the Economic Way of Thinking Introduction Here are ten fundamental ideas to help you explore and understand the world around us using the economic way of thinking. I've written an essay on each idea and listed some reading and listening suggestions if you want ...

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