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Questions on Climate Change: Bjorn Lomborg on EconTalk

Bjorn Lomberg is best known for his controversial book The Skeptical Environmentalist in which he applied an economist’s perspective and econometrician’s toolbox to the question of how pressing global climate change really is and how effective many of the more radical proposed political solutions to the problem are.  Lomberg has also organized a semi-regular meeting of prominent economists called “The Copenhagen Consensus” in which members of the group discussed and debated the best way to allocate resources in order to...
EconLog By Scott Sumner
Should the government step in?

Here's a recent New York Times story: 11,000 Will Die Waiting For Transplants This Year The actual figure may be closer to 43,000.  These deaths are caused by a government law that prevents monetary compensation for kidney donors.  And this makes the following subhead a...

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