Last night I was part of a John Stossel panel of bailout/stimulus critics.  It’s supposed to air a week from Friday; you’ll definitely see my face, but whether you’ll hear my voice is up to the editor.

During the session, I occasionally thought that other panelists were over-stating the sinister intentions of the Obama team.  So what do I read this morning?  A line worthy of an Ayn Rand villain:

Rahm Emanuel, the incoming White House chief of staff, has said, “You
don’t ever want to let a crisis go to waste: it’s an opportunity to do
important things that you would otherwise avoid.”

I’m still not convinced that Obama will be the next FDR.  To riff off Samuelson, scary quotations by high-ranking officials have forecast nine of the last five transitions to socialism.  But I am convinced that many people in high places have bad intentions.  If we avoid the worst, we will have gridlock – not our leaders – to thank.