The webpage for my spring, 2010 Graduate Public Choice II course is now up, including the syllabus, complete lecture notes, and homeworks.  About half of the material is from my Graduate Public Finance I course; the rest is new.  Highlights of the new material include an extra week on voter motivation and religion, personality, and genes; a full week on behavioral political economy; and one week each on dictatorship, constitutions, and anarchy.  I’ve also re-done all of my party identification and ideology regressions using the GSS (I used to just use the smaller, more obscure SAEE for the sake of convenience).

By the way, in my entire career, I have never turned away a student from one of my courses.  In fact, I’ve never turned away anyone who wanted to attend any of my lectures.  The class meets every Thursday from 4:30-7:10, beginning on January 21.