I enjoyed this dialog between Glenn Reynolds and Jonah Goldberg. Goldberg argues that conservatives are legitimately skeptical of mass movements, but that as things have evolved, the tea party is looking better and better.

This echoes my own evolution. I started out highly skeptical about it, but I have come around to where I think of the tea party movement as the last best hope for America. If they fail to elect a Congress and a President who truly are committed to shrinking deficits and shrinking the government, then those of us with a libertarian bent will be reduced to dreaming about seasteads or somesuch.

I was intellectually prepared for the outcome on health care reform. I was thinking all along that it would be a “dessert now, spinach later” bill. I was thinking all along that it was impossible for Democrats not to pass a bill, given their majorities in Congress.

But when it finally happened I admit that I felt a great deal of frustration and rage. I wrote an op-ed expressing that, which I’m guessing will never see the light of day. If it does, I will link to it in a subsequent post.