In a post a few days ago, I pointed out that many people on both sides of the new Arizona immigration law are being collectivists. A particularly flagrant example popped up in Highland Park, Illinois, where a school administrator cancelled a high-school girls’ basketball team’s trip to Arizona. She claimed that she couldn’t keep the girls safe because of the law.

I doubt that that’s her real reason. My strong hunch is that she objects to the law and that, rather than spend her own resources fighting it, she singled out a group of innocent victims and made them suffer. These girls, apparently, had spent months raising money to finance the trip.

So, assuming I’m right about her thinking and motives, besides her collectivism, she’s a bully. Actually, I’m reminded of an event that led to my first article on foreign policy, in 1980–Jimmy Carter’s making American farmers and American athletes take a hit because he wanted to express his moral outrage at the Soviets for invading Afghanistan. He imposed a grain embargo and forbade U.S. athletes from attending the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. That was very easy for him–a non-grain-farmer and a non-Olympic-athlete–to do.

HT to Christoper Manion.