Ezra Klein sounds like my clone when arguing with the Secretary of Agriculture.  Highlight:

EK: You keep saying that rural Americans are good and decent people,
that they work hard and participate in their communities. But no one is
questioning that. The issue is that people who live in cities are also
good people. People who live in exurbs work hard and mow their lawns.
So what does the character of rural America have to do with subsidies
for rural America?

Even better, Ezra is dogged:

EK: Let me go back to this question of character. You said again
that this is a value system that’s important to support, that this
conversation begins with the fact that these people are good and
hardworking. But I come from a suburb. The people I knew had good
values. My mother and father are good and hardworking people. But they
don’t get subsidized because they’re good and hardworking people.

P.S. If you’re wondering how the Agriculture Secretary can make such ridiculous arguments, remember: He’s no more ridiculous on farm subsidies than the public he represents.