You don’t have to follow Republican politics for very long to realize that Trump hit two “third rails” in one month. And yet, here he is, as I’m writing this in late August, leading all other Republican candidates for president by a big margin.

And I don’t totally mind it. No, I don’t like his views on immigration. He wants to forcibly return about 11 million illegal immigrants to their home countries. But President Obama, to take a prominent example, is pretty harsh on illegal immigrants, too. In his years in office, Obama has forcibly removed approximately 30,000 illegal aliens per month, which is more than that of any other president before him. And I don’t think Trump understands that when we open trade to other countries, we gain not just as exporters but as consumers. But then, what U.S. politician running for president does? Marco Rubio? Rubio argued a few years ago that he would favour getting rid of quotas on sugar imports if we got something in return. But we do get something in return: it’s called cheaper sugar. And getting cheaper sugar, by the way, might have caused LifeSavers not to move from Michigan to Quebec.

The Fraser Institute in Vancouver, where I am a senior fellow, has started a blog. I’ll be posting once a month. Above is an excerpt from my post for August.

Commenter Charlie makes a good point in the comments below. A closer look at the deportation data shows Obama to be less extreme than I had thought.