Last Friday, I posted the first video in a series of five called “Love Gov.” Today I watched the second and it’s as good as, if not better than, the first.

In it, the personified government tries to protect the employee from her employer friend and, apparently, “succeeds” in persuading the employer to shut down. Exaggerated? Maybe. But I remember talking to my colleague Tim Kane at the Hoover Institution who told me that when he started his own business, the decision that made him most nervous was about whether to hire one employee. I live in California, where the “protections” for employees seem to be stronger than in many other states. When I was doing the first edition of the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, then called The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics, I hit a point where it would have made sense to hire an employee part-time if I could have paid her hourly and kept zero or minimal records. But I knew enough about the law to know that that could get me in trouble. So I went to Kelly and hired a temp. That worked out alright, but not as well as if I could have hired directly and had few laws to comply with.