Paul Krugman writes that Marco Rubio and other Republican candidates are proposing wildly unaffordable tax cuts whereas the two main Democratic candidates are not. And it is true that unless the Republican candidates get serious about substantially cutting the size and growth of government, the kind of tax cuts many of them envision will lead to even larger deficits than are now projected.

But Paul doesn’t settle for simply criticizing Republicans. He wants to claim that Hillary Clinton and even Bernie Sanders are not proposing anything wildly unaffordable. He writes:

Hillary Clinton isn’t proposing wildly unaffordable stuff; Bernie Sanders hasn’t offered details about how he’d pay for single-payer, but you can be sure that he would propose something.

“You can be sure he would propose something?” Really. Is that all you’ve got, Paul. So can you also be sure that Rubio and others would propose spending cuts even if they haven’t got around to it yet?