I still love flying, although the mask rule has substantially reduced the love to “like.”

No, this isn’t about masks. This is about something I thought of after reading Bryan Caplan’s excellent post titled “The Madness of Air Travel Regulation.”

I had a wonderful experience about 10 years ago. I was leaving Indianapolis one early morning to fly to Detroit to visit a friend. Because I had flown United from Monterey to Indy, and United didn’t fly direct to Detroit, I flew from Indy to Chicago ORD and from ORD to Detroit.

I was sitting in the Indy airport early that morning when it was announced that those of us who wanted to could get to Chicago an hour early by taking a plane that was deadheading to Chicago. There would be no drinks served but we could sit wherever we wanted. Six of us took the offer.

As we were coming into ORD, I notice that the 2 flight attendants were talking to each other and they didn’t bother to announce anything about seat belts, tray tables, or electronics. Nevertheless, I did what I knew they wanted me to do and my impression was that the other 5 passengers did too.

When getting off the plane, I said to one of the flight attendants, “Thank you so much for treating us like responsible adults. That’s the first time that’s happened in my adult lifetime.”

Her jaw dropped. “Oh, my God,” she said, “we totally forgot. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t,” I said.

Well, I just did but because I don’t remember the year or month I don’t fear too much that it will bite or her colleague in the behind.

Being treated like an adult was glorious.

P.S. A funny memory about seat belt announcements from spunky Morris Air.