Last month Edmund Santurri of St. Olaf College’s Institute for Freedom and Community interviewed me on “Freedom, Populism, and Big Tech.”  The format was highly unconventional, and I liked it.  There was no lecture.  Instead, Santurri and St. Olaf students asked me a bunch of questions about a bunch of blog posts, especially this one.  Santurri kicked off the conversation by asking me a few broad questions.  Then he aired pre-recorded video questions from students, and relayed questions people sent him during the live event.  I was on this “hot seat” for 90 minutes straight, and most of the questions were novel.  Overall, a great experience.

Watch the full video.

Update: Organizer Ed Santurri sent me the following comments, reprinted with his permission:


Just saw this.

For the record, I was asking devil’s advocate questions.  The remark about my being a fan  of the New York Times is a real stitch. I have some reservations about the turn the Times has taken lately.

But my role is to put questions that any number might put.

Anyway, thanks for posting.