What would a new economics blog be without “on the one hand…on the other”? Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen writes,

If we are going to move forward with vouchers, I would like to know what the plan will look like, once it gets through the political meatgrinder. I don’t know any voucher proponent who has done this.

Marginal Revolution’s other hand, Alex Tabarrok, writes,

I see no reason why private schools under a voucher system could not be regulated as private schools are today. Private schools do face some minimal regulations including hours and some content requirements but I don’t think these have been a significant constraint. Some private schools will undoubtedly teach nonsense but Tyler seems to forget that Ebonics, to give just one example, was a creature of the public schools not the private schools.

Of course, I would say that no voucher plan can work unless schools teach Mandatory Libertarianism.

For Discussion. Economists pride themselves on trying to anticipate the secondary consequences of policy. What are some of the secondary consequences of vouchers that ought to be considered?