Should you join the AARP if you disagree with its political positions? Carrie Lukas says no. So does Professor Bainbridge.

Why? Because they are just one more liberal special interest group, albeit a particularly well camoflauged and effective one (using those discounts to pull in seniors who probably vote red).

My wife has a different view. She points out that you can take advantage of the AARP discounts and then contribute that money to political causes that you like.

She clearly knows her free trade. It is a bad idea to discriminate for or against merchants based on their political beliefs or ethnic solidarity. Just pick the best deal, and address your feelings about politics or ethnicity by contributing to the appropriate causes.

But I still did not join the AARP. In this case, even I could not behave in accordance with the logic of free trade.

For Discussion. Is there a flaw in the free trade logic?