The latest Milken Institute Review has a number of interesting articles. For example, a report on the income status of second-generation immigrants.

According to a new Census survey, the 30 million second-generation Americans seem well on their way to achieving the American dream. “Gen-2” workers have a median income of $38,000, compared with $27,000 for the foreign-born and $35,000 for the total workforce…
Perhaps most remarkable is the educational attainment of adult Gen-2s. Fully 57 percent have some schooling beyond 12th grade,
compared to 42 percent of Gen-1s and 54 percent of the whole population. Moreover, only 14 percent are high-school dropouts,
compared with one-third of first-generation adults. This contrast is even more dramatic for Hispanics: only 22 percent are dropouts, compared to 54 percent of new Hispanic immigrants.

It seems like the escalation of income is at work.

For Discussion. Would the success of second-generation immigrants increase or reduce the tension over immigration policy?