Here is a list of universities with the highest endowments. Forty-seven have assets of more than $1 billion. The total assets of these top forty-seven is over $150 billion.

It appears that California and Texas have their entire state university systems aggregated. My guess is that the ratio of endowment to employees is actually rather low there.

Some interesting rankings and endowments (in billions):

1. Harvard $22.1
2. Yale 12.7
4. Princeton 9.9
5. Stanford 9.9
6. MIT 5.9
10. Texas A&M 4.4
21. Dartmouth 2.5
25. Brown 1.6
28. NYU 1.4
34. Grinnell 1.3
43. Swarthmore 1.1
64. Berea College 0.8
67. Tufts 0.8
92. University of Maryland 0.5
345. Muhlenberg College 0.088

My guess is that the highest endowment per employee will turn out to be at Harvard, Dartmouth, Grinnell, or Berea College. Berea is in Kentucky. It has 1500 students enrolled (total). I have one daughter each at Maryland (actually, she just graduated) and at Muhlenberg, which is why I included those institutions here.

Places like Grinnell and Berea have a hard time competing for students who want to live in sophisticated, urban settings. For a billion dollars, though, maybe you could just put up buildings that create the illusion of a city, sort of like a Las Vegas hotel.