Tyler Cowen writes,

I will be teaching Ph.d. macro this fall. Here is a draft of my reading list. Comments are open and further suggestions are welcome

I think that macro tends to get too buried in theory.

I like the book, Reflections on the Great Depression by Randall Parker, where he interviews great economists who lived during the Depression. It’s important for students to realize what an important episode this was.

I also like Stan Fischer’s survey of hyperinflations in the September 2002 Journal of Economic Literature. It is important to understand the role of money and loss of fiscal control in these episodes.

I like the Groshen-Potter article on the labor market recently. It is good for students to understand that digging into real data is important.

Finally, I like the section on “Macroeconomics and Bubbles” in my own book. I push what I call the “Kindleberger model,” which I think applies very well to the Internet Bubble.

For Discussion. The 1970’s was a period of pretty bad macroeconomic policy and performance. Does anyone have an article or book to recommend that focuses on macro in the 1970’s?