This rant struck me, mostly because it is strikingly consistent with my 22-year-old’s experience.

Dear current Management-Generation of Cubicle Land, please understand that:

1. My generation was misinformed—by elders and fortune—about the value of our college degrees. $120,000 of your/our money now buys, career-wise, just a hair more than your free high-school diploma used to. As many of my peers now lament, “A law degree is the new B.A.” We’re the best-educated generation in American history, yet the job requirements haven’t changed…

3. Are you aware of how little time it actually takes us to do things?

4. If you’d let us, we could make the computer system work right.

My daughter’s first employer kept giving her projects that he thought would take days but that she completed in less than an hour, including the time it took for her to find online tutorials in Excel that explained shortcuts. Most of the time, she sat around bored. She quit after two weeks.

For many college students, the first thing they discover upon graduation is how low-paying and low-skill the job market is for them. If that information ever filters back to high school students or parents, maybe they will think twice about paying top dollar for tuition.