Howard Stern premiered today on Sirius satellite radio, and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t find Stern funny. I don’t subscribe to Sirius. But this move is another market-driven nail in the coffin of the censors at the FCC. These guys give new meaning to the phrase “pompous bureaucrats” – in the age of the Internet, when every child knows how to google any depravity that interests him, the FCC starts handing out fines for a risque glimpse of Janet Jackson. Good grief.

Personally, I’d say that with the cancellation of Arrested Development, the only thing left on network t.v. worth watching is the Simpsons. Well, that may be a bit harsh. But it’s getting easier and easier to see the day when the FCC regulates a cultural ghost town – and it stops issuing fines because anything that might offend anyone has left its jurisdiction.