If you know anything about my book, you’ll wonder why I’d use democratic means to select the title. The main answer, of course, is that Econlog readers are the rational voter exception that proves the irrational voter rule!

Here’s my question: Which of the following books would you most like to buy? Please send your votes to the comments section, and let’s see if democracy can work for once. 🙂

  • The Logic of Collective Belief (me)
  • Delusion Pollution (Robin Hanson)
  • Myth of the Rational Voter (Fabio Rojas)
  • Blind Leading the Blind: Why Voters Are to Blame for Bad Policies (Al T, with sub-title by me)
  • Wishful Voting (PJens)

    Fair warning: I’m not promising to choose the title with the most votes. But I will weigh these results heavily before I make my final choice.