The Competitive Enterprise Institute used a recent Time Magazine cover story as a stimulus to give the non-alarmist view on global warming. Obviously, CEI has a particular viewpoint, but there are a lot of facts presented, so it seems to be a useful reference. Here is a snippet:

However, Time ignores another paper in Science by Ola Johannessen of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Bergen, Norway, who found that ice is accumulating on Greenland’s interior glaciers. The two studies combined argue against alarm. As University of Virginia climatologist Patrick Michaels explains, if Rignot and Kanargatnam had subtracted Johannessen’s reported gains from their reported losses, “the total volume of ice loss from Greenland would only have become positive during the last 5 years, totaling 17km3 in 2000 and 92km3 in 2005. This translates to a sea level rise contribution of 0.04mm in 2000 and 0.23mm in 2005—values much less dramatic than those they published.” Indeed, at the 2005 rate, Greenland ice melt will contribute less than one inch to sea level rise during the 21st century.