Economics has hit the big time: The Larry Summers scandal has inspired the best Simpsons episode of the season! Principal Skinner puts his foot in his mouth by talking about the gender gap in mathematical ability, and hilarity ensues. Arguably the best line – and certainly inspired by Summers himself – Skinner explains how he’s going to respond to criticism:

Chalmers: Skinner! You’ve got to deal with these kooks!

Skinner: Don’t worry, I have a plan: Pretend I agree with them.

This strategy works about as well for Skinner as it did for Summers… But unlike Larry, Seymour will have his job back next week. Ouch.

Oh Larry, why couldn’t you have gone out in a blaze of glorious defiance? As Chalmers says at the end of the episode, “Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.” When the mob is ready to burn you at the stake, it is time to revel in heresy.