A while back I polemically asked, “Are low-skilled Americans the master race?” The targets of my ridicule called me an elitist. But my elitism is nothing compared to this gem from Dennis Mangan:

All of his [Mankiw’s] academic theorizing about immigration or indeed about larger economic issues cannot be informed by a direct knowledge of the way these things affect ordinary people.

Query: Are impoverished foreigners “ordinary people”?

If they are, then the typical American has no direct knowledge of the way these things affect “ordinary people” either. What does an American burger-flipper know about the plight of the rural Mexican or Haitian refugee?

If they’re not, I’d like to know why. Is it because immigrants are extraordinary people? Or is it because, as far as opponents of immigration are concerned, impoverished foreigners don’t qualify as people?

That’s more elitism than even a snob like me can stomach.