Quite a few bloggers took the bait and wrote their class autobiographies. Here are all the ones I’m aware of:

All of which confirms the conclusion of Steve Miller’s autobio:

By the way, just after I joined the Army my dad published a fairly successful series of books on home brewing (he had an unsuccessful book when I was a kid), and became some kind of beer geek guru. While I was in the Army he also took a job as a brewmaster at a brewpub in St. Louis, and then moved to one in Nashville, TN. And before you go calling him upper-middle-class or (if you’re an idiot) rich, you should check out what brewmasters at microbreweries and brewpubs actually make. He’s a celebrity among a tiny subset of nerds. Like Bryan Caplan. 😉

An upper-middle class kid from Northridge couldn’t ask for more. 🙂

P.S. Let me know if I’ve missed yours.