Jerry Bowyer writes,

If 200 years from now America will be filled with people who know and love the ideas of Jefferson and Madison — but these people are overwhelmingly dark skinned — will this be good or bad?

That’s the question I asked Pat Buchanan when I debated with him about the content of his book, The Death of the West. He said it would be ‘a disaster and a tragedy’. What do you say?

Your answer is a pretty good indicator of whether you’re a we-hold-these-truths-to-be-self-evident conservative or a blood-and-soil conservative.

If you can’t already guess which kind of conservative I am, you can read this essay.

My idea of an assimilated immigrant is someone with a strong commitment to the Bill of Rights, separation of powers, and federalism.

As that essay pointed out, the immigration issue also divides liberals into two camps: universalists, who take into account the benefits to immigrants; and national socialists, who focus only on the alleged harms to domestic low-skilled workers.