The San Francisco Chronicle reports,

Ray Ruiz of Sacramento will perform one of the dirtier jobs of parenthood: For $50 an hour plus travel costs, Ruiz will bring a chair, lights, chemicals and combs to your house to pick the lice out of a child’s hair while he or she watches cartoons and tries not to fidget.

Read the whole article. And read Russ Roberts’ commentary.
If you’d prefer something more suitable to an academic economist, then perhaps this Wall Street Journal story is more up your alley.

A person familiar with the matter says Yahoo aims to build a team of more than a dozen economists. In the past year, the company has snagged leading talents in microeconomics, Web search and artificial intelligence…

Until now, university economists typically have had to rely on limited sets of historical data to test their theories. At Yahoo, they can tweak market conditions and watch what happens to the company’s roughly 500 million monthly visitors. The result is faster, and probably more useful than traditional methods such as surveys.

Thanks to Tyler Cowen for the pointer.