Your tax dollars helped to fund something called the Citizens Health Care Working Group, which produced this report.

Americans clearly want a system that guarantees health care for everyone. The most important considerations expressed focused on people having access to affordable health care and on coverage being reliable and secure.

I am sure that if you used the same methodology (interviews and polling), you would find that Americans also want cars that are inexpensive, safe, and run cheaply and efficiently on a fuel other than gasoline. But there are trade-offs among those objectives.

One of the main points of Crisis of Abundance is that there are trade-offs among the objectives of affordability, insulation (having third parties pay for health care), and providing open access to health care services. What the Citizens’ Group report says is that those three are all desirable goals. To the extent that it implies that the trade-offs among the goals are not an issue, the report constitutes misinformation.

Michael Cannon gave me the unfortunate pointer.