Heather MacDonald writes

Every 1,000 unmarried Hispanic women bore 92 children in 2003 (the latest year for which data exist), compared with 28 children for every 1,000 unmarried white women, 22 for every 1,000 unmarried Asian women, and 66 for every 1,000 unmarried black women. Forty-five percent of all Hispanic births occur outside of marriage…

A couple of years ago, I saw some data that seemed to indicate that the economic progress of Hispanic immigrants was proceeding reasonably well. But I doubt that these children of unwed mothers are going to prosper.

MacDonald asks what a conservative open-borders advocate would do to solve this. Personally, I would focus on the unwed motherhood issue, not the ethnicity issue. As I wrote here,

In terms of economic policy, government faces a trade-off: providing assistance to non-traditional families can help those families raise their living standards; however, such assistance serves to encourage more non-traditional families. The net effect might be to increase poverty, a concern led to the 1996 welfare reform.

I really think that an explosive political question is whether single mothers are victims or villains. Those who see them as victims want to expand government services. Those who see them as villains wish that government policies would be a reflection of this latter view.