Organizations and Markets looks interesting, although the most stimulating posts are coming from a guest blogger, Steven Postrel. For example,

It turns out that the main reason why upstream specialist A needs to know something about downstream specialty B is to avoid taking actions in the A domain that screw up B’s problem solving. Classic examples are a designer releasing a design that can’t be manufactured at a profit, a marketer issuing product requirements that can’t be met, or a programmer releasing software that doesn’t work in the user’s actual environment. . .management’s effect on capabilities is best understood as avoiding incidents of inconsistent behavior.

And Richard “Creative Class” Florida has a blog. His choices of material to blog about seem really good. For example, this post.

in China early stage entrepreneurship rose to 16.2 per cent from 13.7 per cent. India also reported a high rate of entrepreneurial activity.

The full report is here

I think that we’re at a point where blogs can legitimately crowd out other reading. That is, if you spend a few hours a week reading blogs and cut back on something else, you probably are better off. The “something else” that I think can be cut back is periodicals and journals. I can find bloggers who do a better job than journal editors of selecting what I should read. That is because, in terms of my abstract model, I can find bloggers who are closer to me on the Salop Circle than are journal editors.