True story:

Last night, I was playing Candyland with my four-year-old sons. The green gingerbread man token is always in excess demand, so the house rule is that the boy who plays green goes second. (It’s never too soon to introduce the concept of compensating differentials!) After a game, the boy who just played green (call him Boy #1) briefly left the room, and the following dialogue began:

Boy #2: Can I be green now?

Me: Yes, but you have to go second.

Boy #2: But I want to be green and go first.

Me: Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

Boy #1 returns.

Boy #2: I want you to be green this time.

Boy #1: But it’s your turn to be green.

Boy #2: I know, but I want you to be green because I’m nice.

I cracked up, but my kids never figured out why.