Believe it or not: This blog has given life to a baby girl! Michael Stastny, better known as Mahalanobis, has the story:

My wife had a baby today, which implies with high probability that I had a baby today too. I blame this completely on Bryan Caplan, who noted that people tend to overestimate the costs of kids when they can make them because that is precisely the time they are bearing most of the costs (childrearing toddlers). In contrast, spunky breeders underestimate the long-run benefits of progeny precisely because most of them occur well after childbearing is an option, such as creating people who will give a crap about you in 50 years. I then mindlessly applied the implication and here we are.

Here’s the seminal post. (Please don’t kill me for that pun, I couldn’t resist!)

Correction: Tim Worstall says “It’s HedgeFundGuy, Michael Stastny’s co-blogger, who has just had the baby.” Sorry for the mix-up. 🙂