If Russ Roberts asks you to do a podcast for EconTalk, you’d be a fool to refuse. He gave me the most perceptive and engaging interview I’ve ever done. (And Robin Hanson tells me the same about his EconTalk podcast, too).

A few highlights:

  • Russ tells a great story about the time he criticized the minimum wage at a picnic – and noticed other people inching away from him on the picnic blanket.
  • Why voters are much less likely than consumers to “learn from their mistakes.”
  • Why the “rationally ignorant” would be agnostic, not dogmatic.
  • Russ has me explain why I say that “Irrationality is political pollution.”
  • Why democratic fundamentalism, not market fundamentalism, is the real problem of modern politics.

I had a lot of fun last year doing an EconTalk podcast on labor economics, but at least for me, the latest one was way better.