Marie Connolly and Alan B. Krueger write,

Concert revenues became markedly more skewed in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1982, the top 1 percent of artists took in 26 percent of concert revenue; by 2003 that figure reached 56 percent. The top 5 percent took in 62 percent of concert revenue in 1982 and 84 percent in 2003.

This is the exact opposite of the Long Tail story. Perhaps the long tail is artificially excluded from total concert revenue in their measure.

Or perhaps everything about the rock music industry is distorted by geezer bands. The authors list the top 35 bands in terms of concert-tour revenue in 2002, and I count 10 of the top 15 as being relics of the Baby-Boomer teenage years. I wonder what a strictly post-2000-era analysis would show.