True order of events:

1. I put my graphic novel on my webpage.

2. Tyler blogged it.

3. Tim Kane read Tyler’s blog and emailed me about our shared interests in economics and comics. Plus he turned out to be good friends with Garett Jones.

4. Tim came to Fairfax to get lunch with me, Robin, and Alex, and found out about my book.

5. Tim read the book and asked me to give a talk about it at Heritage.

6. Tim got C-SPAN to broadcast my talk live at 11 AM. (Has anyone seen a videocast link? Dare I hope that someone DVRed it? If so, please let me know.)

If there was any doubt left, I think this clinches it: All publicity is good publicity! And if the Austrians want to use this as an example of “radical uncertainty,” I might even let them get away with it.