Remember the political power survey that Ilya Somin and I pre-tested last year? Since then, we’ve added a third co-author – Wayne Grove of Lemoyne College – done extensive revisions, and been given access to 25 questions worth of space on a larger Zogby survey. Before we put our questions in the Zogby queue, however, we’d like to pre-test them.

Interested? Here’s the latest version of the Caplan-Grove-Somin survey. We don’t ask for your demographics this time, because Zogby will be taking care of that for us. If you’ve got any other comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear them – but keep in mind that the total number of questions is fixed at 25.

Thanks, and feel free to send this link far and wide.

P.S. We’ve especially eager to get some comments on the last question. How can we word it better? Can it be salvaged at all?