Notwithstanding what I wrote here, I try to make a case the “universal coverage” is no panacea for health care. I write,

I would like to see the abolition of the tax break for company-provided health benefits as well as the tax break for Medical Savings Accounts. Company-provided health benefits ought to be included with personal income and taxed at the personal income rate. There should be no special benefits for savings accounts labeled “medical.” (I think that all saving ought to be tax-free, but that’s another topic.)

…Although I prefer real health insurance to insulation, I do not want to impose my preferences on others. All I ask is that we reform our tax code so that it is neutral.

On the issue of universal coverage, I say,

most of the people who are uninsured today are reasonably healthy. They just do not want to pay for their own health insurance. In my view, they ought to be allowed to make that choice, but they should face the consequences. If they require health care, the cost should not be shifted onto other people who have insurance.