Terence Jeffrey writes,

“The growing political importance of unmarried women is undergirded by a demographic shift that is fundamentally changing America,” Greenberg Quinlan Rosner reported.

“Between 1960 and 2006, the percentile of the voting age population (as opposed to households) that was unmarried increased from 27 to 47 percent,” the firm said. “If the current trend continues, the unmarried population will become a majority in the next 15 years. And while the number of married Americans aged 21-54 years is dropping in absolute terms for the first time ever, the number of unmarried couples who cohabitate and the number of women living without a spouse are on the rise.”

…”In total, there are over 53 million unmarried women of voting age, a number that dwarfs the percentage of seniors, people of color and even union members,” the pollsters report.

Either somebody figures out how to sell libertarianism to single moms, or we can look forward to a future of being wedded to the welfare state.

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