Besides Laika, here are three graphic novels I’ve thoroughly enjoyed on vacation:

  • American-Born Chinese. Blends Chinese mythology with the themes of stereotype accuracy (?) and self-acceptance, without falling into cliche. The tale of the Monkey King works whether you’re five or eighty five.
  • Why I Hate Saturn. Minimal economics, but a lot of interesting psychology.
  • Wimbledon Green: The Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World. I’ve never liked mockumentaries (hey, I don’t even like documentaries), but this book is my favorite graphic novel of the season. On the surface, it’s just a self-referential work by a comic book fan for other comic book fans. Look deeper and you’ll learn a great deal about the economics of auctions, search, inelastically-supplied goods, and much more. Look again and you’ll find the meaning of life… well, at least the meaning of a nerdy life.

HT: Brian Doherty for advising me to buy Wimbledon Green!