Gary Becker writes,

Yet it may be possible to overcome to a considerable degree this intergenerational transmission of low status. The most promising approaches in my opinion involve self-help programs that encourage better choices in black communities, the legalization of drugs, personalized medicine that recognizes differences in vulnerabilities to disease between blacks and whites, head start type school programs, and school vouchers and charter schools that widen school choice and stimulate education innovations, On the whole, I am optimistic that some of these changes will be made…

What he is saying is that the white-black gap reflects a capitalism-socialism gap. Too many blacks are caught in a socialist trap of government schools without choice, drug laws that create economic opportunities for criminals, and so on. He believes that if blacks were brought into the capitalist system, then the gaps between blacks and whites in terms of education and income would decline.

This is a more classical economic point of view than is the view that blacks are stuck with lower average IQ.